Scholars Project

This is my baby, my high school legacy, my final breath…just kidding. In all seriousness though, this was a hard, hard project to stick with and complete. There were many modifications from my original plan but I am very proud of my final product. I hope you enjoy!!


Scholars Project Proposal

The project I would like to present is the creation of a music curriculum for underprivileged kids, fifth through eighth grade. I decided on this project because music is one of my strongest and most focused interests, while curriculum development and teaching are professions I have considered pursuing after college. Music education is that it has proven critical to brain development in children and has affected their thought processes and perceptions even later in life. The arts have been put on the back burner for many years in numerous education systems, a mistake because the learning of music has an immense education value, as do the tools it can give a person.

Curriculum development is not an easy task, especially when the project is tailored for a group of people that I have little experience with. I hope this brings attention to issues within American public schooling programs and help alleviate some of the dying enthusiasm to keep children educated within the arts. They are more than an escape from reality, and even more importantly, they can influence a child to a better life.

I hope to improve on numerous skills and perceptions as I build my program. It is incredibly beneficial to study something so important to my life in depth and mold it to help others. I will become a better musician because I will understand my craft better. I will also get to look into how music affects the human psyche, certainly a useful and interesting topic because I will better understand the human mind, not something to be overlooked by teachers. I will also grow more as a person myself.

It certainly will be a challenge to have to study, understand, and try to relate to kids that live high risk lifestyles, or do not have nearly the same opportunities I have due to lack of money. The first step in fixing something is to understand it. I cannot boast that I will fix anything for any child, but I can certainly try, and the more I can understand, the more I can educate others and help spread awareness. I gain personal growth out of my scholars project.

I want to divide my project up into different grades. I will work on one to two grades per month, depending on how long a particular grade takes me to create. I have a vast amount of work to do. I must research each grade in terms of child psyche, how music affects their brains, what kind of music they should be learning, how it will connect to other subjects they currently learn, goals for that particular year, how it can help with family life and involvement, etc. I will be writing papers and making simple PowerPoints for each grade. There will be one overarching summary that is simple for anyone who does not want to go in depth.

I don’t expect my amount of work to exceed the time I have planned for myself, due to the fact that I already have a plan and have already started some of my research this summer. One of the beautiful things about my project is that I have a plethora of mentors to choose from. I have two music teachers, an English teacher, my parents who both worked in curriculum development, a therapist, multiple groups of friends who are well versed in different genres of music, and many other teachers I can interview and gather information from. I have a big support group who is excited that I am going to tackle this challenge. I understand that I am taking on a lot, but this is something I am passionate about and I want it to work out. I do not need much to complete this project beyond my research, the people who will help me, determination, and hard work.

My biggest obstacle will be relating to children who live high risk lifestyles, because I’m not growing up below the poverty line. I need to find someone who works with poor children in those schools and learn and understand how to properly help them. It is going to be challenging, but I know many people who work in volunteer and high risk situations so I am confident that I will not have to work long. As for my success, my biggest goal is to learn. I will certainly be doing that. It is unlikely that any school will even bother looking at my program, but that is ok. I will put it on my writing blog which I promote frequently, and I will present it to St. John’s. As long as people understand how incredibly important and influential music is, I am making a difference. A ripple in the pond still disturbs calm waters, no matter how small the rock was.


In the stained mirror that distorts your image, a tired soul looks upon a longing to be set free. Shackles bound to lips that prevent the “I love you” are rusted from comparisons and fear. The reflection desires those three burning words to be spoken into existence, but there is no world that creates self-love. No reality, but your tired soul laughs and throws back its head; I have built the ground upon which I stand and hate won’t cut the roots that have grappled for a place in the earth. Your youth does not stop a thousand years of loving and you will again look at that distorted image and replace your canvas with color. But some days the world is gray and you run with no end line in sight and the tiredness just drags and drags and drags a raggedness from your eyes, pulling down on your skin, and making it hard to believe you ever knew what the word “love” looks like. But there are other days where you throw open your door and shout to the world that you are going to grow a garden of color and not even the strongest weeds of despair can choke your flowers. For you built the ground upon which you stand, and you know well the dirt on which your knees have fallen to when tears flew from your eyes like the sparks of a burning desire to see your worth. Each time you got back up, so you know now that you will build your garden in that same dirt and each new petal will be a reflection of your beautiful soul. And one day the garden you are working so hard to grow will be complete. And you will reap the benefits of the self-love you have sowed.

Root Your Faith In Love

Root your faith in love

So you don’t grow bitter. Make the love you give out a gift, not expecting a return. Because we’re all trying to figure out what we believe in. And some of us haven’t fully learned how to believe in loving; some of us haven’t learned how to love.

So root your faith in love

Because you know you do it so well, let it be your absolute best quality. Don’t fear of not being good enough. You deserve the very best, because you can love like you do. Keep choosing that love.

And please, root your faith in love

Because no matter what lies confuse you, whatever demons try to shake you, the love will spur you onward. Believe in making others feel loved. Believe in a good world, with good people in it, loving like you do.

Those people are out there, and their faith is rooted in love too.

Dead AirĀ 

the only escape from imagination came from the healing of the body during sleep. the wake from lucid dreams of happiness that rendered ignorance for just a minute 

enough for a tsunami of memories to hit harder than the foot running away, slapping pavement 

it’s impossible to run through dead air 

silence takes a slow and sweet stride, molasses that’s hard to swallow 

and choking on realization, the day dresses any thought in sadness and regret 

it’s hard to breathe and the dead air makes ignorance look pretty 

but pretty doesn’t cut it in a mind that wants perfection 

how to heal becomes a quest that is tiring to pursue 

and dead air is always there, waiting to scratch cracks in the half full glass 

every morning the forgetful mind wakes, ready for a new day 

beaten back by truth, the easiest pill to overdose 

and after bruised face lifts, dead air deals the final blow 


Have you ever really looked into someone’s soul? How can we see someone once so colorful and vibrant become gray with time? I want to spend the rest of my life with someone who will constantly try to find kaleidoscopes in my thoughts. I see such pretty colors and I see the potential for double rainbows in souls that feel broken when I touch them. How do you find a love that lasts a lifetime? Is it truly possible to find the entire universe wrapped up in someone’s smile? Time tells most. Maybe fear and regret turn us gray. But gray paint washed over the walls of your skin can be peeled back, too.


There was finality in the goodbye that sailed through the air as Annalise watched her problems rapidly remove themselves from sight. The smaller houses became, the more certain the young girl knew that never again would she return to the chasms enveloping her mind. Not another look, whispered the wit; her fears slowly started to declaw from veins that bound her to ground. No, take flight, dear heart! Wailed the victim, and she could feel at Last the cold shock of freedom. Not daring to take a breath for fear she would wake, Annalise met the sun anyway. A single tear wondered what life would be if she was brave. A knock on the door, and another flightless day began for the clipped soul.