Root Your Faith In Love

Root your faith in love

So you don’t grow bitter. Make the love you give out a gift, not expecting a return. Because we’re all trying to figure out what we believe in. And some of us haven’t fully learned how to believe in loving; some of us haven’t learned how to love.

So root your faith in love

Because you know you do it so well, let it be your absolute best quality. Don’t fear of not being good enough. You deserve the very best, because you can love like you do. Keep choosing that love.

And please, root your faith in love

Because no matter what lies confuse you, whatever demons try to shake you, the love will spur you onward. Believe in making others feel loved. Believe in a good world, with good people in it, loving like you do.

Those people are out there, and their faith is rooted in love too.


I want to reach a point in my life where I dive so deeply into everything that I enjoy doing and the areas that I want to improve in that it becomes impossible for me to ever worry about not being good enough or failing. Really I think a lot of problems are weighted by those fears and we measure ourselves by standards set by others. It really is tragic that so many people are capped by the world and I hope to one day break free from everything and truly blossom on my own without being watered by others’ opinions. I want my own sunshine, and I hope you find yours.

Screw you if you ever decide to purposefully try to add insecurities/anxieties/lack of self worth into someone’s life. You don’t have any right at all to take away something that isn’t yours- someone else’s happiness. If you continually try to make someone sad and try to attack their confidence, you don’t deserve to be around people. You don’t get to give to someone/reinforce their fears and think you can get away with it. Be kind and loving and gentle this year. Try to heal people instead of hurt them. Too often people are hurt and there’s no one who cares enough to help fix them. Strive to positively impact everyone whose life you enter. Be a beacon of love and HOPE because there will be better days and you must remind everyone of that, even yourself…

I’ve been letting myself be consumed by everything around me and it’s not that I need to stop caring, I just need to soldier on. And I think soldiering on can carry a lot of different meanings but I think the most accurate description of soldiering on comes from a sort of calm realization to focus on yourself in healthy and fulfilling ways. And getting up and doing something about those things which you most desire is great and all, but the hardest part is soldiering on when there’s no change or soldiering on when there is a change and you still don’t feel happy. So soldier on and focus on yourself and remember that there’s always a fellow soldier who’s part of your team and who will stick with you till the end.

Healing ultimately comes from within. Any outside help is just giving you the strength to overcome your troubles yourself. That is why you must remember that you have gotten this far and it’s all because of you…maybe a hand held yours or a light guided you but ultimately it has been you all along, you who have had the strength to continue. Love yourself a little more for persevering in a world that doesn’t want you to.

If you are helping those around you feel loved, yet you still can’t seem to love yourself, you are doing it wrong. Self love is so important and often people mistaken it for selfishness. This is wrong. Self love is *absolutely* necessary if you want to be happy. Lacking self love is toxic for you and those around you. If you need to spend time finding your self love, then so be it. Take a little time to focus on yourself because those who truly love you will understand and help you find that self love. It is not a journey you should have to go through alone. And once you find that self love, help others find their self love. Find your switch and then be a light for others.

It has taken me 9 years to realize that all the insecurities that I have about myself are insecurities that can be changed, changed through either actions or different perspectives. For example, I am not confident at all in my body. Never was, not even at the ripe age of 7. But it’s taken me a very long time to realize that it won’t just get better, you have to get up and do something about it. And I’m now doing something about it. I’m working out every day and starting to eat healthier. And that feels good. Something else I’m extremely insecure about- my friendships. And one thing that someone else told me that changed my perspective is this: the type of love you give out is a type of love very few people can give back because it’s hard to find people who love like you do. So appreciate and accept and try to understand the love other people give to you. I will leave one last thing here: remember that your own true happiness comes first. Because the best love you can give comes from the love that you have for yourself, and love and happiness are connected, right? So find or make your own happiness, then share the love that blossoms from that with others.