If you are helping those around you feel loved, yet you still can’t seem to love yourself, you are doing it wrong. Self love is so important and often people mistaken it for selfishness. This is wrong. Self love is *absolutely* necessary if you want to be happy. Lacking self love is toxic for you and those around you. If you need to spend time finding your self love, then so be it. Take a little time to focus on yourself because those who truly love you will understand and help you find that self love. It is not a journey you should have to go through alone. And once you find that self love, help others find their self love. Find your switch and then be a light for others.

It has taken me 9 years to realize that all the insecurities that I have about myself are insecurities that can be changed, changed through either actions or different perspectives. For example, I am not confident at all in my body. Never was, not even at the ripe age of 7. But it’s taken me a very long time to realize that it won’t just get better, you have to get up and do something about it. And I’m now doing something about it. I’m working out every day and starting to eat healthier. And that feels good. Something else I’m extremely insecure about- my friendships. And one thing that someone else told me that changed my perspective is this: the type of love you give out is a type of love very few people can give back because it’s hard to find people who love like you do. So appreciate and accept and try to understand the love other people give to you. I will leave one last thing here: remember that your own true happiness comes first. Because the best love you can give comes from the love that you have for yourself, and love and happiness are connected, right? So find or make your own happiness, then share the love that blossoms from that with others.


For my birthday, my friend gave me a book called 350 Writing PromptsĀ that has, well, 350 writing prompts. I’ve decided I’m not going to answer every writing prompt dear diary style. Instead, I’m going to maybe answer them through a short story, a word web, poetry, prose, etc.


Well yea pretty much everything is personal on this blog #duh butttt this is where I will post adventures and whatnot or like a little blog on whatever smoothie I made for breakfast? Maybe you’ll hear about something dumb like how long I biked on some random Tuesday in August. Booyah. Anyways enjoy! Or don’t enjoy, really it’ll be posted here either way;)